Double Glazing

Windows have a significant impact on the efficiency of your home and can be a significant source of undesired heat gain and loss. Up to 40% of heat energy can be wasted through your windows, so boosting your window efficiency can lower your home’s energy expenditures in light of ever increasing power costs.

What is Double Glazing?

A double glazed window is composed of two glass panes that seperated by a spacer. The gap between the two panes is either left empty or filled with an inert gas such as argon. Double glazing is also known as insulated glazing (IGU).

double glazing

What is the Purpose of Double Glazing?

Double-glazed windows with two panes of glass separated by a gap are intended to prevent heat loss and reduce noise pollution.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

A number of benefits come with installing double glazed windows in your home. These benefits include:

Reduced heating & cooling costs

Heating and cooling is not able to escape as easily through double glazed windows, your home will require less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. This can lead to decreased energy bills.

Noise Reduction

The extra pane of glass and the gap between panes work together to dampen sound. Double glazed windows can reduce noise pollution by up to 70%.

Increased Security & Safety

The extra pane of glass and the spacer make double glazed windows more difficult to break. This increases the safety of your home as it makes it more difficult for potential burglars to enter.


How does double glazing reduce heat loss?

The empty space between the glass panes is responsible for double glazing’s excellent insulating properties. There is no air to transport heat from the inner glass pane to the outer glass pane when the air is sucked out and the area is left as a vacuum or filled with an inert gas such as argon. The heat conductivity of these gases is lower than that of air. As a result, very little heat is transported from the inner to the outer pane. This improved insulation cuts heat loss by a stunning 70%.

Do double paned windows add value to a property?

The added value will depend on a variety of factors, but in general, yes double-pane windows do add value to a home. New windows are always a selling point, and energy efficiency is something that all home buyers are looking for.

Is Double Glazing Better Than Low E Glass?

Double glazing is superior to low-E glass in regions with extremes of both heat and cold because it reduces heat transfer from both within and without. During the colder months, when heating the home, double glazing helps to prevent heat loss.

Can you convert existing windows into double glazed windows?

Yes, there are a number of options available for you to convert your existing single glazed windows into double glazed windows. Best option would be to replace your existing windows with new double glazed ones – you can also opt for the cheaper option of retrofitting double glazed windows. Retrofit double glazed windows work by adding a discreet, independent windowpane to the inside of existing windows usually by installing a subframe or using magnets to hold the secondary pane in place. For more information see Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing